My Story,  Poetry


Creativity vs Sadness

Hypersexuality vs Paranoia

Yes, I have Bipolar Disorder.

Yes, I make poor choices when I am manic and I don’t think about the consequences.

When I finally return to reality,

I understand I need to take responsibilities to clean up my own messes.

I do the best I can and sometimes, it’s just not good enough.

Why do the people who love me think I do these things on purpose?

How can they deny my illness after so many years of watching me battle all the extreme highs and lows.

Why do they prefer to constantly remind me that I fucked up again?

Don’t they realize I already hate myself for my irrational behavior?

I need to let go of some of these people I love but fear always stops me.

Though they may not understand,

I do everything I can to control my illness,


Sometimes it controls me.

– Read also my story. Coming soon.

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