My Story,  Poetry


I just want you to know that, I love sunrise.
I love when the sun comes up every morning.
But I dont know where.
Each place is somewhere different.
It’s hard to find east when I keep moving around.

And this is life I was dealt.

Do you think I’m a strong woman and just struggle for achievements? Prestige?

I’m not society, i’m not everybody.

If I showed my true colors, what would society think?

Would they laugh, show pity, or read the ink?

Im exhausted from smiling every single day

when I know I have the pain that won’t just go away.

This is war. I either win,
Or die trying.
I speak the truth,
Or continue lying.

“Your illness is not stronger than yourself. Just pray.” People would say.

Are you guys don’t understand that I’ve fight myself everysecond of everyday?

It seems like I’m just well-dressed. I’m okay, because I’m telling tho.

I just want to prove my drugs that,

/I am free./

I can dealing with the noise here.

Not like I lost yesterday. Or yesterday of yesterday. Or a weeks. For months,

for years.

And I realized that actually the noise was in my head.

A creature with a lifetime struggle, against herself.

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