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[Growing up on a farm]

We learn patience –

Before we get what we want, the chores must be done

or the dinner is late.

We learn where food comes from –

First hand we raise and grow the food that ‘we and the world’ will be eating or benefit from.

We learn to respect the land –

After all it’s our family’s livelihood.

We learn to toughen up –

Get dirty, get greasy, and get going (it’s the only way to get the job done).

We learn about the weather –

When Mother Nature does what we need that is good, otherwise we have to adapt.

We learn to be grateful –

of every amazing things that The Creators made for us.

– –

The farmer is more than just the person working in the fields and caring for this animals…

They are the one that feeds you.

, and the future belongs to the few of us

still willing to get our hands dirty ^^

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